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Letter from Newport Academy’s Lawyers to Leslie Johnson, Board of Zoning, re: June Kurtz Rd. request, submitted by McLean residents, that Kurtz facility be determined a Medical Care Facility.

6/14/19 Newport Academy’s Appeal of the 5/19 Zoning Determination

6/4/19 Letter to Del. Rip Sullivan, Request to Contact Attorney General for an Opinion and the DBHDS for a delay of licensing decision re: 1318 Kurtz Rd.

6/4/19  Letter to Leslie Johnson, Request for a Determination for 1318 with argument that it be designated a Medical Living Facility

5/19 Leslie Johnson’s determination re: Davidson Rd.

General Documents/Law Articles

Related Government Guidance:

“In addition, a group home’s request for a reasonable accommodation may be denied by a local government if providing the accommodation is not reasonable—in other words, if it would impose an undue financial and administrative burden on the local government or it would fundamentally alter the local government’s zoning scheme.”

  • Fairfax County, Virginia Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice 2016-2020 (2017) In this document it is recommended that a planning study be conducted by the County to identify the locations of community residences for people with disabilities in order to determine whether clustering is occurring on a single block or neighborhood as this would defeat the purpose of residential treatment by creating institutionalized neighborhoods.
    Call or Email John Foust and Chairman Bulova and request that a planning study be conducted as recommended in the County’s own 2017 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice.
  • The Virginia Code

See especially Title 37.2, “Behavioral Health and Developmental Services”

and Title 32.1 “Health,” Ch. 4, Article 1.1 Medical Care Facilities Certificate of Public Need,” §32.1-102.1 Definitions